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/->/ eine ausdehnung des surrealismus unter dem vorzeichen mcluhans // popart und massenmedien als wesentliche einflussgrössen neben dem surrealismus // "internationale stationen" auf dem globus

>> Introduction To Massurrealism
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// james seehafer //

— A Free Association of Contemporary Influences

"Instead of scurrying into a corner and wailing about what media are doing to us,
one should charge straight ahead and kick them in the electrodes."

Marshall McLuhan

The past traditions of my birthplace are all sentimental and intellectual vignettes of numerous experiences. Having a New England background, I developed a great interest for the local history, the folklore, the poetry (Frost), the mysteries, and the ghost stories. Also influencing me (as well as millions of others) is the pulsation of the entertainment industry. Movies, music videos and television are a dominant force on American culture, more so on today's contemporary artists. The components of the advertising industry: ads, prints, billboards, are designed to entertain as well as capture, lead, and prompt the human psyche. These elements initiate my concept of montage in which I work.

Massurrealism witnesses the present moment as all art movements are supposed to do. Art history is history of our time. Massurrealism, while empowered by the mass media [television, movies, music videos, advertising, etc.] is created through the traditional media [oils, acrylic, collage, photography, etc.] as well as the tools of the new and innovative technologies, digital media, digital techniques and software.

Massurrealism is a combination of mass media related art [such as Pop-Art] and surrealism. The combination of these two main elements became the foundation of this art form. I have been asked how Pop-Art relates to massurrealism. Pop-Art for me, is the same as Mass-Media related art. My interest in mystery piqued my interest in surrealism, and my influences came partially from the Pop-artists, as well as the mass-media. Pop Art presents technology in imagery that we can understand instantly. Marshall Mcluhan stated that Pop-Art is part of the same technological fugue [1], which I believe was the first step of the evolution into New Media art.

Tennessee Williams once said that humanity is just a work in progress. Technology constantly evolves through all media. A new generation of artists are living in this age of mass-media, nuclear devices, genetic engineering, and space exploration. As we pass the year 2000, the new media is combining with the old, and is providing a unique vision into the human condition.

[1] Marshall McLuhan, "Art As Anti Environment", ART NEWS, May 1966

[A] Initial observations: A coalescence of mass media [e.g. pop art] and surrealism. The basis of pop art qualities: icons and techniques from commercial art, combined with dream imagery and free thinking. This to include all elements: mass industrialism, mass commercialism [In my opinion mass commercialism means the same as mass media ]

[B] Observation [humorous - later portrayed in an exhibit in 1992] of shopping cart being moved across the parking lot via a strong wind, heading towards a motorist. The driver, stunned by the shopping cart and impending collision sounds her horn at the cart, as if expecting the cart to stop. Nonetheless, the two parties struck each other.

[C] Visual echoes - figurative silhouettes "ghost-like" imagery inspired by ghost stories and mysteries.

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