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/->/ dadaistische gesellschaft in/aus chicago // 1995 gegründet von john wirtz und victor zygonov in chicago // interlinks zur punkband anarchy ass // netzwerk fuer dada-isten und dada-asten // setzt sich aus dem logismus "neu" und dem schwitterschen "merz" in szene //

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> [question-1//perspektive]
neumerz states that dadaism was merely a "pure" art movement. the isolation and end of dadaism was so a result of being isolated in art struggels and combats. neumerz group wants to get rid of being forced to be art or anti-art. proclaims an unstricted use of new dadaism. how could you transfer your combat-competitions into society - as you call it the after-death-society?

>> [question-1//response]=[neumerz - john wirtz:]
Dada is very nihilistic. I think that society, as we know it could be discarded by everyone simply giving up and not going to work, buying products, participating in government or using money etc.. This would have to be a majority effort. MOST people on the planet earth would have to participate in not participating. Of course, I don't believe that this will ever happen in my lifetime. But it's the theoretical solution none the less.

> [question-2//perspektive]
you call the actualization of dadaism a mindset which could be "reduced" as a kind of remote controll which is zapping against all: art, anti-art, war, anti-war etc. dada is as neumerz states pure destruction. on the dada-server at smalltime industries you get t-shirts with industries logos and mousepads - a kind of corporate identity for dadaists? what is the connect between smalltime industries, neumerz and dadaism.

>> [question-2//response]=[neumerz - john wirtz]
smalltime industries is not part of neumerz. smalltime industries is the company that built and runs our website. they are sympathetic to us and try to help us but we DO NOT recieve any money from them or endorse the sale of their products. neumerz is a non-profit organization that does not uphold capitalism.

> [question-3//perspektive]
both manifestos on the neumerz website are written on the one hand in a more "classic" manifesto as a target tradition and on the other hand manifestos of and in strong contradictions. in postmodern times you often can hear. that manifestos are obsolet in our "anything goes/shows" reality - why does neumerz still use manifestos to proclaim the renewing of dadaism?

>> [question-3//response]=[neumerz - john wirtz]
because we don't care if anyone listens to us. We are not trying to go around preaching Dada. To do so would be propaganda. If people ignore us or reject us it's their loss not ours. We're not trying to make Dada popular or even understandable to most people because most people are total idiots. The system has made them that way and the system can keep them. I don't even think anyone needs neumerz to be a dadaist. Victor Zygonov and I only started neumerz as a way for people who were already dadaists to work together.

> [question-4//perspektive]
you state that the modern man/artist has to renovate the use of language by speeding up letters. shorten words etc and that we need a quicker reading and writing to communicate better. schwitters made a language theory about such a "quick lunch" for our language. would you carry out how your "language theory" will get into practice and give some examples?

>> [question-4//response]=[neumerz - john wirtz]
I think it will just evolve on its own. Take slang words for example. Words like "fly" and "phat" have different meanings in slang that they do in an english dictionary. Schwitters used to speak in a "bird language" that he made up on his own. People understood him based on the pitch of the sounds he made. You see? Language is whatever people decide to invent for themselves.

> [question-5//perspektive]
eric kluitenberg defines for nowadays avant garde some tools to smash the dominating code, the surface in power: one of it is to displace the code as a kind of "arte cifra". the modern men/artist take the actual code and disrupt the cute surface of mainstream - what is in your opinion the connection between neumerz and www-surface and browser-mainstream? is the internet a modern dada howl?

>> [question-5//response]=[neumerz - john wirtz]
Ha! Ha! It used to be! That's the main reason we started the website. But the internet is too controlled now. People regulate it and it's influenced by companies that sell "internet access". Years ago, you could wire your computer to the internet using your own server and stolen telephone wire. But no more.

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