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/->/ die geschichte von RongWrong oder wie alles begann // minds were made to be broken // von knoxville tennessee 1994 bis zu den puppet states von RongWrong // mark whitaker als emporer of signs // White Paper Tissue Tiger - die offiziellen papiere // to the cliffs onward!

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Puppet States are popping out all over, just like the automatic writing on the wall of the domino theory said they should: Hackney Borough (in London, England) has fallen, or rather, risen, like a phoenix from the flames, like Shakespeare using Rogaine. This happened several months ago.
CITATION OF PROOF: http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/51.htm
"Note that it took one year and a day for the RongWrong Empire of Puppet States, Confederated, to create a foothold in England--something few continental European powers have ever accomplished past 1066 CE. (that's the year -928 RWE, RongWrong Era for those who are confused what 1066 could possibly mean.) "First, Alling, Germany, and year and a day from here, Hackney!" will be the pithy quote that RongWrong historians will dub into news archival footage, making it seem as if everything is going to RongWrong plan as a foreordained exhibition of tactical skill, and it is. RongWrong means the editing. This is portentous. England has fallen, like the phoenix into into the flame, like a drunkard into the sobering rain, like a rose by any other name, like Shakespeare using Rogaine. The Grand Exception of Hackney, previously known as the borough of Hackney, London, has to put it bluntly, left England because London is the hackneyed place instead of Hackney. Though the Grand Exception of Hackney has officially stopped being part of London, the area is under the watchful paniopticon-like eye of a personage of many names, known officially as Dr. Synn Ecumenicus I in order to confuse matters even more. (On the importance of expanding confusion as a route towards world peace, pain coming out of the rigors of excessive organization, see the RongWrong Coda.) In her first revealed name, she made it known to RongWrong that the town hall of Hackney had already been claimed: there was a report of a RongWrong emblem seeping off of the web and becoming inscribed on the wall of the town hall of Hackney. Though her exact identity is unknown, this is ideal: her many names will be very useful in co-signing loans to her little oil-less emirate: there are plans to create an ski lift transportation infrastructure for her fellow denizens because of the denial of Metro status to this inner area of London. Maps of the area make it seem as if Hackney has intentionally been bypassed in a desire to segregate spatially a section of the populace particularly susceptible to RongWrong. The London Metro should have been warned, because public infrastructure RongWrong style could lead to incredible tourist curiosity and congestion in The Grand Exception of Hackney, something the Metro wants to avoid. When the RongWrong Empire of Confederated Puppet States starts on a public infrastructure building spree, nothing is safe: any modernist-hell pretensions of urban and regional planning by the state of England are nothing compared to RongWrong, which invented the term 'social engineering.' "

However, the first crucial beachhead was achieved in Europe, thanks to Mars J. Florifundator hearing RongWrong ringing like a little silver triangle rining above the din of a stuffy orchestra, in Alling, Germany:
CITATION OF PROOF: http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/51.htm
"The Official Name deeded by the RongWrong Confederated Puppet States shall be The Protectorate of the Syntactically Literate, under the aegis of Mars J. Florifundator, otherwise known as The Institute for Advanced DaDa at Alling and Martin Gisser, respectively. A single crystalline example of his perspicacious mind shall suffice until RongWrong's late invasion and collateral destruction of the public communication system can once more be built with private profit in mind. It was a dirty war, though fortunately the public was on RongWrong's side to make every bullet ring through the air as clean as spring. Of course it may turn out that all these newsbulletins were a lie. Ah, however, RongWrong absolves all, particularly those who feel that RongWrong has stigmatized their stigmata."

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