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> ivan arguelles - [USA]
> louis armand - [Czechia]
> john m. bennett - [USA]
> blankgroup - [USA]
> jenny boully - [USA]
> edward s. hans - [www]
> david ender - [austria]
> infiltration.org - [canada]
> intermittent poetry - [france]
> literaturinferno - [germany]
> camille martin - [USA]
> a. di michele - [USA]
> stanislaw mutz - [poland]
> ron palmer - [USA]
> malia pangilinan - [hawaii]
> hans christian petersen - [australia]
> jörg piringer - [austria]
> kai pohl - [germany]
> kenji siratori - [japan]
> hartmut sörgel - [germany]
> rodrigo toscano - [USA]
> mirko wenig - [germany]
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/->/ Madonna Septet. Poets Press 2000 // 'THAT' GODESS. Pantograph Press 1992 // Looking for Mary Lou : Illegal Syntax. Rock Steady Press 1989

>> / source /

// ivan arguelles //

folded and awning s awl a

pierced to the root of love's

awfaul aghony I re re wonder

why it was I what did I ever

in You? see or seize or not

to be there is a question

soul is heaven so "please"

if nothing ever can matter

again like "that" did once

jack fruit and amber padding

underfoot as the delved into

a darker past with un willing

to share with journalists

the meaning of you r songs

Hunh? grimy residential

spout troubled by nanny's

in trans gression a swill

within the wester n walls

wailing cadaverous cigarette

lechers in dis guise around

the romeo basin in the back

room doling card s a trick

you never earned a lifetime

leafing through pages of raw

quantity of dream sin re verse

ilium a flame a bric  a brac

while back in the firm a loose

version of the "oddest sea"

is ploughed by mere rhymesters

for ore that never was glitter ed

like the paste on your nails

in the post (don't let my wife

) know //

who will name the baby?

whose is the will to die?

wis dom s a synchro nous

detail fitted into the glove's

lower insertion with little

but the else of star litter a fame

burning grits a second too

late and you're dead (too!)

be fore it s night scap e

mare island s a focus a way

near death s little trope

a visit ation ex ercize

two miles wide and a broad

in length as cata leptic

nerve surgery goe(s) does

the nation de serve it self?

ill u sion blind ness & slee p

the lesser petty ironies as

suage not at all the folding

street patterned on the brain

 s last mile of death 's level

field whose little garden

out looks us all in quiet

des pair smaller rain less in

finite  ( or re fine d to dimin

ish the last con sonant to

a final "om") plays with

sound a link to the past

re re recorded over a vinyl

pastiche of the omni present

future (re stitution of/to the

in mates debatable at this)

vajrayana peculiar to thibet

the lorn are re quired of foot

to de mand no thing from their

past a life is gone but not

safe to re tire entire ly from

a dis possession of spirit

a vacuum a "sunyata"

who will (dis)play most

hair         You?   why?

linger s a sumptuous theory

by shore of bay a grass a

frond weaving waving cele

stial dis position or is tired

of "it all" and with draws

from séance with verbatim

post script (appendix

vergiliana?) quote un quote

and to grow through the file

deleting messages to the

pathologically be loved

now a de capitated entity

in the annal s of medieval

rome body riddled with spear

point marks less than a de

gree to go WHOOM!

who gets to be mired and

who begets the mired are

the same as life and death

rose crystal hallu cination

flare s against the pane

at dawn in the morning

just after saint john of

the dew fall

d r e a m ing this is not "so"

or "le cliquetis" in moto

ver sions in "D" file

mauve head ache in morn

ings a spate of ancient

tele phone "calls" prompted

by within the bottle the

swimming hand the un

acnhored mind the re volution (

-solution?) of what is at once

more distant than a maze

of fog ob scuring the mount

any day of the week be

low the vast and rolling

dravidian plain s (if to find th'

hamper with in it clothes

time s tales of an un regist

ered "nurse") bluish away

waves take out the final

mile that detail that de

fines the appen dix as

appropriate by the mind'

s small tool kit (flashes of

reaches later!) wis dom

flies in the eye of trouble

drowned worlds of muti

lated selves in hats much

like the after thought of a

brain in dissolve gray small

dots of a finished warp

all over the floor god is to

s weep for all our (s) ins

inner lives outer shelves

(kammer musik maestro!)

and as for you, I have

stammered out proposals

to which you are deaf

eye ing the un tabulated

whose whip lash is décor

in a slide rule as sub arrange

d by thomist particules gran

ulated by the c*** (to be re newed

when the word find s a world

of a way to return the self

to its dis tant as always "other"

grains flake d a scraping

below the polish abrasive after

effective as of mid day next

holy work)

so I wish to wash aw ay this

less than fond fare thee well

and taken out of con text

the un emendated bengali ren

dition of the buddhist iso lation

ist edition of the rama yana

goes out to you on radio waves

of un conditional sur render

ed null and void tissue plated

plastered imbued and signed

your(s) artfully so the poet

you never minded to meet

des pite the un holy regard

of awe as well he holds/held/

you in for that brief karmic blast

of light called "life" (JIVALMA!)



(for the next tow years of pages

each of the other sighs away

its dream in plastic fold ar ound

eons until the façade be comes

its own first bride all over the

again warp of inwit bitten

by a frost as recorded in a mave

rick studio frozen by decay)

til us ever ends

gooey love songs

smirch lip synched

eyeballed and rolled over

a dead end of grass and

as fault

the motors are ever distant

as the sleepers now in their

end over fina lized scorn

dreamt a little of you

I did then erased it "all"

to never come back

to re nounce the article

s one by plodding one

in a hasp of a moment of

a careen ing solo down

the cliff without you

at last un governable epi

sode in ypsilon fractals

dot dot dot

for what be comes and re

mains abstract if not your

evanescent smile your al

ready distant multiples

of skin vagarized and eph

meral as the dates on an

ancient sun stone yr in effable

what was "it"? music latter

day scat o logy volumes

of it in ter and mis inter


like the "z" s of an un

official party dossier

in the sleeper's kremlin

bits of an oddy cycle

re winding and re wound

ing its ipso facto author

auteur ism of a shadowy ne

farious hades jungle

as where to and for why

the long end of it is buried

in the dreamer's sand cata

logue of ships and helen

sound alike tag ends loose

ned for lesser wear

peeling off skin after layer

'neath the rubble heap

of beauty's where you

find it pleading for mercy

killer of a serial trilogy

sub sumed and petri

fied negligence around the

the the throat I think

to imply there was something

"there" (insouciance)

a fog of fatal attrac tion

s (to be announced in their

mini cycles several hori

zon(e)s after the fact

) to whom does this corres

pond? with whom did I

ever identify? an instamatic

re ply (play?) of the oddest

paired thought I ever had

next to the mix of dance

numbers you'd organize

around the triumph of "frozen"

car radios gun drive

through a morphous amer ica

escape pedal in re verse

noxious fumes off wilshire

la brea tar pits mel's drive

inn death  squad on mulholland

the detritus the human scum

dumped below miles

 of dis carded celluloid

and vinyl im purposive

las vegas jelled navel rubies

button down sex with auto

matic on hold singing

chorus of nembutol fourteen

year olds shrill platinum

pizza hair piece drilled

off staged in a white bronco

chase r mix master re styled

with head light component

burnt bra' single center

fold with 3-D screen delta

pitch in auto mobile grave

yard (hey hey we're the mon

keys and we're just monkeyin'

a round) fades into a solo

re enact ment of jayne mans

field's famous decapitation

sort of sad as elegies go

church the soffft of yr voice

as sky never ends the mauve

fus ion of sleep s un ending

indefinable chapter a bout


jan 28, 2001

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