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/->/ die geschichte von RongWrong oder wie alles begann // minds were made to be broken // von knoxville tennessee 1994 bis zu den puppet states von RongWrong // mark whitaker als emporer of signs // White Paper Tissue Tiger - die offiziellen papiere // to the cliffs onward!

>> a short description of RongWrong
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First, I suggest you understand or ask someone about what "inter alia interlocutor" means. RongWrong is less a person, and is more an experience, an empathy, a sea cow resting in the warm waters near a nuclear power plant happily and cluelessly bathing in radioactive strontium unbeknownst to it. RongWrong is a happy dolphin swallowing medical waste hyperdermic needles dumped into the sea. RongWrong is the chemical cocktail of weight loss drugs that can be found in near active prescription levels in the world's oceans, because they fail to biodegrade. RongWrong is a description without borders. RongWrong is a mockery of any human borders, whether they be physical or mental. Everything is RongWrong. RongWrong is everything. Particularly borders. RongWrong is a seismograph, the pen that holds the hand instead of the hand that holds the pen.

RongWrong is a performance, a performance where a silver mirror floats soundlessly onto a stage, holding itself to a squirming audience, which cracks under pressure. Do I mean the audience, or the mirror is cracking? You decide based on your squirming.

L'eminence grise suggests that you view the following links to fully comprehend that RongWrong has nothing to do with what is on the other side of the screen: that RongWrong is on your side of the screen, and that simply reading along following someone else's words is definitively RongWrong. The performance of your participation is RongWrong.
CITATION OF PROOF:http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/page15.htm
"Thinkers of the world, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your brains! Shoot oneself in the foot, and fall in line! Put on that uniform which doesn't fit, sing those songs one only mouths the words to or hums, and avoid oneself, in the Grand Grandiose Army of RongWrong!"

RongWrong is the dark side of the moon that is always watching, watching the earth, watching and unwatched. Watching you. Watching me. Watching Mariah Carey.

Plus, RongWrong has nothing to do with dada. RongWrong is against most latter-day dada because it aims to be entertainment. Many dadaists deserve RongWrong's Master of Platitudes award:
CITATION OF PROOF: http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/page37.htm#Master%20of%20Platitudes%20award
"Master of Platitides is an Associates Degree which is the major requirement for conducting politics [and I should add, most dada]. Because the educative system has completely failed to provide for an educated public to protect any sense of a representative democracy, the rich rule by issuing ukases to the crowds, which they rally around like their favorite cable channel. A Master of Platitudes allows money to rule effortlessly, allowing the laugh track of voting to to be spliced in at the appropriate appropriated moments to float a semblance of a ship of state riding the choppy waves with ease, instead of showing itself running aground in the middle of nowhere on a moonless night. ***A Master of Platitudes is also extended to many of the writers who achieve popularity by saying so little that everyone loves them for their verbose meaninglessness.*** A Master of Platitudes style manual is broadcast daily on all radio news stations worldwide."

RongWrong is an orphan, without mama without dada, without heritage, without hermitage: an Everyman for explaining the world to itself as we near ecological and social self-destruction while concerning outselves with the infantile paralysis of whether our memory caches on our Palm Pilots are set to take all of RongWrong in. That would break the bank.

Thus, is RongWrong a Shiva? Dancing thorugh destruction in tight svelte leopard tights? Is RongWrong a salvation? Dressed in a white mourning robe, red with flaggelant's blood? Which horseman of the Apocalypse is RongWrong? Pestilence? War? The Price is Right (TM)? Or is RongWrong the director of the film standing slightly off camera, telling all four horsemen to come over the hill looking friendly to suprise you? Is RongWrong a wake up call for the herded sheep of the world?
CITATION OF PROOF: http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/leminencegrise/rongwrongwroundup_lg.jpg

Is RongWrong just a bunch of webpages? You decide based on your squirming. RongWrong is your lack of conscience, and your entrapment in a world where your conscience is considered RongWrong instead of RightRight.

RongWrong, if it is anything, is about what is off the web, instead of on the web. RongWrong is educational, or rather self-educational.
CITATION OF PROOF: http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/page5.htm
"RongWrong desires to christen one's chrysalis, to adumbrate one's animadversions, to vouchsafe one's voraciousness for information which, accustomed to the simplisms of the comic strip guidelines of the world's media, one could assume that everyone was only playing bridge. But RongWrong opts to scuplt a beautiful vasa murrhina instead of a house of cards. . .
RongWrong wishes to be full of life, liberty, and happiness, over Life, Liberty, and Happiness, enshrined. RongWrong wants gladly the actual miniscule over the distant worshipping of the majuscule. RongWrong attempts to be a patrifier of education, piecing a destroyed mosaic together, ripped asunder by sundry ideological conceptions which all measure educational success on the paltry propogandic diminutiveness of its foredrawn and inconclusive conclusions, lodged like a Sargasso Sea in the realm of inquiry.
RongWrong thusly shuns as benighted the seeming enlightened epoch of the advertized Enlightenment, in which the world has experienced mass holocausts, a debasement of human life worldwide, loss of biodiversity, and a faith in Reason which has allowed us to do the most unreasonable things.
But RongWrong is dedicated to individual enlightenment, active basically here as a means to showing the hypocritical foolishness of the present era allowed by a dearth of cogently organized information to the contrary.
RongWrong attempts reparation through a registering of distrust, abhorrence, detestation, and debasement perpetuated in the name of the People, Reason, and Enlightenment, which has served to debunk and vilify any attempts at peoplehood, reasonableness, and enlightenment. RongWrong exchanges mere style for substance, but a mere substance with style. . .[and more at the above link]"

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