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/->/ Do you deny crystallography? // Do you hear voices in other people s heads? // If not, the DADA list may be precisely what you need most. // die do da dada list ist mehr als "nur" eine zusammenrottung von dadatextautomaten // sie produziert und laboriert sowohl scharf an der dadagrenze // als auch an der sprachexperimentellen kippe // ein somit sehr traditionelles work-in-progress //

>> dada has strict rules of misbehaviour
>> / interview /
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> [question-1//perspektive]
in your dada methodology you state that everything could be or set to a manifesto. postmoderism and manifestos are a little bit arbitrary and in contrast one might say. mostly the cue-sentence "anything goes" was a container for "leaving las postmoderas" as a loosy theory drunkard with no responsibilty and no chains to history mama or dada. the real meaning of "anything goes" as a rupture of the dominant symbolic orders was more and more lost by procedures. what is your position in this case of postmodern honour and is there still something to loose or leave to manifest against or for? is a manifesto still usefull to rupture as a lost coin?

>> [question-1//response]=[robert white - Do DA DADA LIST:]

(dadastatement) - Dada is against postmodernism. In dada "nothing goes". Dada has strict rules of misbehaviour. Manifestos are an out-dated mode of futurology.

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> [question-2//perspektive]
for you dada is a point of lust venture and the internet a great bowl to howl in dadaist modus. we can state that for every avant garde circle it is important to get in touch with new techniques and logos files. mailing lists as more or less small groups of informations transfer and experimental fields are real good faraday cages to testify new terrains and tool languages. but it is also a place of multiple signatures and hiding sequences. do you think that internet and mailing lists could increase and improve avant garde measures or are they more a radar speed check for those one who like to get in speed but don't want more than fun & stripes?

>> [question-2//response]=[robert whyte - DO DA DADA LIST]

(dadastatement) The internet is a short circuit board for dada. There are too many cats and not enough mice.

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> [question-3//perspektive]
a result of my re/searches on the internet is a revival of avant garde writing and working. for a great deal also a dadaistic spreading. maybe they all want more t-shirts to loose than franics picabia. maybe only a t-shirt. do you want more t-shirts than picabia or merely something to wear instead?:-)

>> [question-3//response]=[robert whyte - DO DA DADA LIST]

(dadastatement) Picabia was very smelly. His shirts should be burned.

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> [question-4//perspektive]
you proclaim a rupture of sense out of your dadaistic oyster. eric kluitenberg states for the new avant garde in the internet the reuse of "old" tools - for the smash of the hegemonial surfaces on the net. could dada today interrupt the code by changing the usual synaptic pathways?

>> [question-4//response]=[robert whyte - DO DA DADA LIST]

(dadastatement) Dada makes sense. Dada is logical. Any reference to rupture is misleading.

> [question-5//perspektive]
your manifestos are connected to the sourroundings of the dada mailinglist "Do da DADA List". some of the members of this list are in "real" life programmers. the output of the generated texts differs but is in core experimental. is there a kind of theory practice behind this "creative writing" ensemble and how is it combined with your dada past? what is your own linguistic energy to take part in this list and what is the inherent princip in re/writing texts from others?

>> [question-5//response]=[robert whyte - DO DA DADA LIST]

(dadastatement) Dadaists share sense, sensibility, pride and prejudice. It's a cerebral cyber ghetto of abecedarian misanthropes looking for love.

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