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/->/ die geschichte von RongWrong oder wie alles begann // minds were made to be broken // von knoxville tennessee 1994 bis zu den puppet states von RongWrong // mark whitaker als emporer of signs // White Paper Tissue Tiger - die offiziellen papiere // to the cliffs onward!

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'Dada' has been co-opted entirely by art school nonsense, and placed on so many portfolios and resumes and album (alum?) covers, that RongWrong shrieks like a banshee ripping up the dead dada meat across the dull battlefields of postmodernist cityscapes, creating history once more, creating social consensus, creating a social movement:
CITATION OF PROOF: http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/page14.htm#John%20Murphy
"To which end, [the prophet] felt RongWrong should be closed from the beginning, from any manifestation of mediocrity, or planned obsolescent artistic dilettantes, who lack the pain of art, the gaul in the maw which brings up great bilious bile. Seriousness aside, RongWrong takes everything seriously, and acts or inacts as such. Plans are meticulously planned, shows are meticulously shown, parking is expressly paid. Contributions are unavoidably and ironically haled with much uncaring laughter. Laughter aside, RongWrong is a corporal unit of humorous individuals, a samadhi minded samaj-podge, held together by a desire to moonshine the artistic community of its rotting laurels, its effete effrontery, its gall-less guile, its scraping sanctimoniousness, its witless witticisms, its worthless worth, its burgeoning bureaucratic baronetcy of useless uxorous unilaterally liberal acceptance of everything. RongWrong is based on opposition, and so, assured of its existence longer than any static stylization, can become a beckoning beacon of stab-in-the-back stability, endlessly rarifying the dialogue, to avoid the sickening artisitic complacency caused by the low-blood flow of black turtlenecks. Pressing the envelope, damning the papercuts. No pussy-footing around. Heading straight for the iceberg, empty lifeboats dropping behind, every splash yeilding up a cheer. Getting the washing done by endlessly laughing at the artisitc laundering of ideas, pouncing on pusillanimity, with the fervor of shouting a good stain out. In the absence of fine leadership and a system of checks and balances, RongWrong has grown into something much more, something tremendous--something efficient, powerful, streamlined, and well-connected--The Great Four Aspects of Ensuing Cheapening of Human Life.. "

'RongWrong itself' in any of its manifestations is RongWrong of course, because boundaries are a dreamworld of delusion:
CITATION OF PROOF: http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/page19.htm
"RongWrong itself is RongWrong. (the esoteric teachings, courtesy of l'eminence grise.). . .

cul-de-sac of the collective unconscious, RongWrong. (The Great Mu and l'eminence grise)

RongWrong, world's largest living mammal. (John Imperious Impersonificator Bejeezus Rotwang Murphy)

The mama of dada. RongWrong. (l'eminence grise)

Why do they still call a single M&M an M&M? (l'eminence grise) "

CITATION OF PROOF (2): http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/page22.htm#categories
[two of many on the page}
"Object Object: Of people's attachment to illusion and illusory dichotomies; so up to their necks in won, in the unwillingness to let go of illusion, that extrication would probably leave them dead from shock at their inherent personal emptiness. Is there a crack in your smile?

Apathy Never Had a Better Apologist: RongWrong herein watches those who think they stand on a podium when actually they are pillorying themselves within the television's frame; RongWrong introduces one to the defenders of the policy of maintaining unfulfilling social, cultural, and spiritual emptiness merely because in Hamlet's words, 'it is easier to bear those television serials we know than to brave to choose those we do not, and thus conscience makes cowards of us all when our quietus could be easily made with barely a touch of the 'off' button.' Moreover, RongWrong introduces the deuces who are proponents of the right to be fearful of any attempt to demote laziness from its civil religion status, either because of the dogma of foregone conclusions, or by the sense that it will be resolved anyway in the allotted 30 minute television sitcom plotline, and any attempt to rock the boat is merely going to upset the popcorn and lose the remote control in a sea of couch cushions. (See RongWrong's apolitical political stance--akin to the Japanese tashinamu in these Web pages, but with a social sense which extends past the mere private and unrecognized connotations of that word.)

RongWrong is the dada of dada, or rather the mama of dada. RongWrong is a form of enlightenment.
1. CITATION OF PROOF: http://www.sit.wisc.edu/~mrkdwhit/page19.htm#koans
"To alleviate ailimentary canal constriction, as well as blast one directly to one's brain, RongWrong herein has provided a list of short pithy phrases which may aid in meditations on exactly what RongWrong entails. Therefore, to manifest readily to the novice the essence of RongWrong, RongWrong explains RongWrong in RongWrong's own words. In these phrases designed like koans, RongWrong attempts to provide instantaneous enlightenment. Go the distance. Eat the biscuit. RongWrong feels that the best manner of achieving this RongWrong state of mind is to repeat these phrases to oneself, moving later out into the world, where RongWrong recommends bellowing them on streetcorners and gratuitous graffitti. Soon, one should realize that all good art, like RongWrong, is distinctly related to guerilla warfare. Keep up your daily repetitions and RongWrong will appear to you in a dream. Read two then reload this page in the morning."

[a description of the backgrounds of the expanding Puppet State Empire]

Yes, RongWrong is about imperialism. Like any imperalism is RongWrong. RongWrong is thus a critique of imperalism through the Puppet States, humorously allowing us to broach the issue as well as expanding awareness. The members become the performance art as well, by association. Everything is RongWrong. This RongWrong Puppet State Empire however is artistic imperalism in a revolutionary sense, about creating a movement, about sharing martinis over RongWrong instead of over some jerk you met in a bar.

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